A series for individuals such as naturalists, historians, photographers, students and the culturally-
inclined, typically focusing on topics such as ecology, animals, natural phenomena, local scenic
wonders and/or aspects of local traditional cultures.

A.    The Angel's View hike on the Naukluft Mountains

This is an 8-day, unguided hike on the Naukluft Mountains. The entire Naukluft Mountain, and
immediately surrounding area, is a National Nature Reserve. It was originally proclaimed with
the express purpose of protecting the Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra. Proposed 12-day itinerary.

B.    Introduction to the Ova-Himba & their Homeland

The first known human inhabitants of the Kaokoveld are believed to be Herero ancestors who
migrated from the Moçamendes province of Angola around 1550. Today there are about 5000
Ova-Himba resident in Kaokoland - fairly concentrated around the Epupa Falls in the Kunene
River. Proposed 10-day itinerary.

C.    Eco-systems of the Namib desert

The oldest desert in the world! This fact can be witnessed throughout the Namib by experiencing
how the various life forms have adapted over many years. Best to experience them all in person!
By reading “The Bushman Paper” (natural signs and tracks), and a little bit of luck (the Namib is
not a zoo), you could encounter most of these. Proposed 10-day itinerary.

D.    The Bushman of the Kalahari

The oldest human inhabitants of Africa, whether in the Kalahari desert section of Namibia,
South Africa or Botswana,
the moods of the Kalahari desert, can only truly be appreciated
by the vegetation, creatures & human life dependent on the desert for sustenance, protection
and survival – those who call the Kalahari their home. Proposed 10-day itinerary.


A.    The hauntingly beautiful "Skeleton Coast" of Namibia :-

Often "beauty" is associated with "mild", "gentle' or "soft". Now experience the beauty created 
in the most inhospitable & desolate, rugged landscapes - probably the most formidable coastline
of the world -
The Skeleton Coast of Namibia. Not merely a holiday, but a true once in a
ecotourism experience!

B.    Footloose (A short, ecotourism hiking safari, fully accommodated):- 

A hiking safari starting off on the edge of the Kalahari desert, then includes the wide open
vistas of the Namib desert, as well as the well-known Sossusvlei with its high sand dunes and
ever-changing colours.

C.   Namib Desert on Foot (An unforgettable ecotourism, hiking experience):-
   (PLEASE NOTE: This eco-hike is NOT possible without a minimum of 6 hikers).

Is work pressure and stress getting you down? Just one week off work, Saturday to Saturday,
and you will return, feeling as someone who has just been on a long vacation. The highlight of
this ecotourism safari is a three-day, guided hiking trail along the Uchab river in the coastal
Wilderness area of Namibia's Kaokoveld - the last true Wilderness area in Africa!



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