(On average 8 to 12 days)
        & Example of Self Drive Safari (Accommodated)



A.    The Namib desert camera (10-day photographic- / family safari 

        More a photographic experience than a safari. Learn the secrets of the Namib;
          bring the family to experience the moods, colours and - above all - its effect on
          your quintessence.

B.   Epupa wilderness trail (Standard safari version)

       A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, SPECIALIZED SAFARI!  Specialized, because you
        will spend more than 80% of your time on this safari in the last Wilderness area of Africa -
        Kaokoveld!  This term encompasses the areas of Damaraland and Kaokoland - world
        famous for the desert Elephants, free-roaming Black Rhino and ochre-coloured Himba!
        Epupa wilderness trail (Luxury version with fly-in) -
[Although categorized as
        a "special safari", this safari is short enough to be included here as well].

C.    Artist's Hideaway - short, 8-Days' seclusion at either of two venues

        Painters, writers, poets and song writers, or ANYBODY who needs total seclusion for a
        few days, yet not having to concern themselves with meal preparation or transport, this is
        for you!
A choice of two - equally enticing environments - are available, one in the African
        bush of Namibia's central highlands, the other in the Namib desert. Again, though this offer
        is published as an 8-day safari, it is open to customization, based on your needs, interests
        and preferences.

D.    Eastern Expectations (10-days of exploring the Kalahari Desert):-

        The Kalahari Desert has intrigued explorers and adventurers for decades, but it had been
to the Bushman, or San people, plus its wide variety of Fauna & Flora for centuries.

E.    Short, Namib horse trail (8-day, customizable package)

        An 8-day family package in the southern Namib desert, which includes the horse trail, the
        Sossusvlei sand dunes and the majestic Naukluft Mountains.

F.    Footloose (A short hiking safari, fully accommodated):- 

        A hiking safari starting off on the edge of the Kalahari desert, then includes the wide open
        vistas of the Namib desert, as well as the well-known Sossusvlei with its high sand dunes
        and ever-changing colours.

G.    Namib Desert on Foot (An unforgettable eco-hiking experience):-

       Is work pressure & stress getting you down? Just 1 week off work, Saturday to Saturday,
        and you will return, feeling as someone who has just been on a long vacation. The highlight
        of this short, outdoor adventure is a three-day, guided hiking trail along the Uchab river in
        the coastal wilderness area of Namibia's Kaokoveld - the last true Wilderness area in Africa!

H.   Cupid's African Dream (An exotic Honeymoon safari)

       This exotic honeymoon is offered as two options. Depending on your preferences, you may
        decide to choose the silence and seclusion of a desert / semi-desert environment in which to
        create these everlasting impressions. Alternatively, you may choose the equally tranquil effect 
        experienced in a water world - no time wasted on pitching-/breaking camp!
(Obviously NOT
        restricted to Honeymooners).

 I.  SIR CUPID (A titled Honeymoon?)

        This luxury Honeymoon is offered to Honeymoon couples who are interested in Cupid's
        African Dream
, but have a little more time on hand & possibly prefer to meet the Cupid-
        in-charge for the most important break-away of their life. (You only need 2 additional days,
        but will receive a lot more. Among others, spend 2 nights in the Honeymoon suite used by 
        the Jolie/Pitt couple while waiting for the birth of their baby).  If that sounds about right,
        Cupid is for you!
(Obviously NOT restricted to Honeymooners).

J.    The Angel's View Hiking Adventure (The prime hiking trail of Namibia):-

       This outdoor adventure offers an eight-day, 120km (75 miles) hiking trail which has earned
        itself the reputation of being one of Southern Africa's most demanding routes. 
With its steep
        ascents & rocky terrain under-foot, this mountain trail demands a high degree of physical

K.   Desert-to-Desert (A combination hiking/camping break-away):-

        Desert is not always "just desert", experience the difference between the red Kalahari and
        the golden Namib! From the well-known home of the San or Bushman, first inhabitants of
        Africa - The Kalahari Desert - to the oldest desert in the world - The Namib Desert! From
        hunting & food-gathering techniques in the Kalahari, to the highest sand dunes in the world!

L.   Active Africa (Activity-filled safari - the last 10-days option)

        This adventure safari is designed especially for the true admirer of Nature, those who do not
        wish to simply 'visit' Africa, but to truly experience it! (Normally offered as a 10/14 or 21-
        day, activity-filled adventure safari).

. . . even less than 8 days . . .

A.   Desert Trail Hiking Safari  (5-Day safari, 3-day hiking):-

        The beauty of a Namib Trail is the fact that you experience so many different aspects of the
        desert from mountainous terrain to sandy dunes. Walking is conducted at a leisurely pace
        and normally does not exceed 12 km per day.

B.    The hauntingly beautiful "Skeleton Coast" of Namibia :-
(Although categorized under "eco-tourism", this safari is so short [6- or 7 days], that we've
          decided to include it here as well).

        Often "beauty" is associated with "mild", "gentle' or "soft". Now experience the beauty
        created in the most inhospitable and desolate, rugged landscapes - probably the most
        formidable coastline of the world -
The Skeleton Coast of Namibia. Not merely a holiday,
        but a true once in a lifetime experience!


A.    Namib Desert Camera - 10-days on a self drive, family photographic
                                           safari in the Namib desert.

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