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Swakop dot com,  Web Site Design and Development

One of the most important factors for any business is its presence . . . can people find you ?  
Do they know who you are,   and what you do ?    You need to sell your business and get noticed right ?

We,  here at Swakop dot Com,  understand all of this,  we understand that your web site or  "web presence"  needs to compliment your business. It should be an extension of your business, an online presence to sell indirectly, it explains who you are, what you do, how good you are doing it and why the customer should consider you. It sell your ideas and it does that all day, all night, all year long. Over the past years, we have gathered the experience and the ability to design and develop your company web site professionally but always keeping in touch with you and your business, taking care not to create a flashy online images that is inconsistent with your business.

We are also in pace with new developments and changes on the internet,  changes by Search engines that can damage your rankings or drop you from search indexes. New online strategies,  etc.   Apart from our professional approach to content and design we also know that there is more to web site design than copy ... we therefore would look after important factors of your web site in order to ensure that a visitor to your website would find it a pleasant experience.

Furthermore,  We also pay attention to detail,  the things that make your site work,  for example:

web site design Image optimization - image load fast and still look great.   User friendly layouts and easy navigation.
Colours  and graphics that is easy on the eye and load fast.
Search engine optimization and submissions.
Hit counters and reports. (We can tell you where your
visitors comes from if preferred.)

Hosting is done on our own powerful servers,  that
co-locate on Telecom Namibia’s internet backbone,  meaning
no bottle necks,  fast access to your site and  99%  uptime.

web hosting
Furniture Store Estate Agency
web site design web development
Namibian Artist's  Website Non Government Organization B&B Accommodation Estate Agency
  Our Portfolio:

Here are but some of the web sites that was developed by us
for businesses across Namibia.  Designs are all unique and consistent with the company.  Please browse through the images and please note that we have provided a link to the actual sites for more detail.

Enjoy ! ! !

Internet Café Quad Bike Adventures
Estate Agency Hunting Farm / Lodge Hotel and Café Adventure and Activity Operator

Banner Ad
635 x 75 pixels

One per page

Situated just below the navigation buttons on each individual page.  This is normally one of the first items you will notice when clicking on a page  ie. Accommodation.   The banner is link to your website and you are also listed under the relevant category   
See our Home Page  wait for the banner to load

N$ 150.00 per month, (all pages)

On Swakop dot Com
Home Page

N$ 350.00 per month
(Only 3 ads at a time)

Categorized link to your site Mondesa Township Tours 064 402550 N$    60.00 p/m
One Page Ad Example - Pandora's Box 064 403034 N$    80.00 p/m
Web site Hosting We develop web sites, register domains, host your site, renew domains, maintain your website (make changes, rebuild etc) Contact us for a quotation; N$ 100.00 p/m  (Hosting)
Additional Email addresses We offer email addresses based on your domain name at an minimal charge of N$10.00 per month or @swakop.com if you need an email address with browser interface We are not an ISP and do not have dial-up connections N$    10.00 p/m per email address
Web Site Design Let us design your website with our experience, professional approach and your valuable input  .... Contact us for a quote !! N$ 400 for a one page web Prices starting at N$ 4500 for a full website .. but is subject to your requirements


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All advertisements, web designs and hosting is payable monthly in advance...  we prefer that you sign a debit order or pay yearly in advance.   If your site, advert, banner is not paid on the 3rd business day of each month, your site, ad or banner will be removed without notice
No Web Advertisements, completed websites, links, banners etc will go live before payment is received and verified.

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Swakop dot Com, the professionals in web site design and web hosting.
Web site design, web hosting, domain registrations, Namibia